Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A review on Videochef.co - single star


Klemen Stibilj from videochef.co has agreed to do a video for me. He has offered to work out of ODesk to save costs.

I gave him a script that I had previously worked on and something that I am quite satisfied with. But Klemen started the script from scratch and did a very poor job of it. I then insisted that he need not reinvent the wheel and that he should go with the script I gave which was professionally made.

He sent first draft of the story board. However, on giving (reasonable, limited, 2 rounds) feedback, he backed out. (He refunded my money though). There was misses in story board and some of the feedback was not incorporated. He wanted 1/3rd HIGHER PRICE at this point. I had in fact asked him if he was going to allow revisions, and this is what he said.

"How many revisions would you allow? unlimited thus, we have strict process procedure in place, 
after you confirm the previous step and we are already working on  next step, if you come up with changes to be done at previous step, we need
to ask for compensation as it means that we need to modify the same thing also on existing step."
I gave limited feedback and (having served so many customers my self) was well within reasonable limits. 
Because I did not want to spend more time looking for another vendor, I went back to him and agreed for additional price (half of the increase he asked for). He agreed to do it.

He then said I can work with a "Bilal" in Pakistan. His skype said he is from Florida but he is actually from Pakistan.  At the time I am supposed to talk to him, he did not have the script I sent him and spent so much time on.

By this time, they were late by 45 minutest  to the meeting. They then told me that they deleted script and story board files! When I asked how can you delete files, they said, they can't work with me any more. Klemen (I think the owner) told me that I have to go and pacify the employee (Bilal) to work with me! What? A client has to go pacify an employee because the employee lost customer's files? Who the hell asks like that? Shouldn't the owner make sure that the employee lives up to the expectation of the customer?

I was certainly a tad angry but always professional. On drop of a hat, they were willing to back out and the owner has poor sense of customer service.

When I asked them, they backed out once again! This did not lead to monitory loss for me but certainly lost a lot of time.

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